Through reports and real time data

For a salon and spa to run effectively, data has to be properly managed. Handling it manually can result in inefficiency and fraud. Here is why report and inventory module in Leenira will benefit you.


Leenira should help you:

  • To keep track of employees’ performance
  • Show the progress of laid out goals
  • Show your most loyal customers
  • Track the total sales made within a certain duration
  • and more


  • Track product shipment
  • Track product availability and set reorder point
  • Get notification on products that need restocking
  • Identify fast moving products and services
  • Assist product audit


  • Visitor Self Register their particulars with QR Code
  • Spa and Salon Manage can generate list of visitors registered for the day
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The affordable Spa and Salon Software for all!

Leenira is a cost-effective single product that allows salon owners to operate productively and profitably with this application. It is ideal for the individual stylist or salon big or small, it is affordable! Do not worry as it is user-friendly practically it just works!


Leenira gives simple, concise and clear analytic service. Getting a glimpse of the company’s performance and financial health on the dashboard, which displays data ranging from sales, profits, top-performing services, client retention and rebooking schedules. This technology allows you to view all company’s information on a single platform. With this software, salons can track and calculate their success.

You will be able to drill down to the specifics and set alerts to be sent to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly. You can also create a monthly and real-time business report that provides a summary of the company’s performance, employee performance report, marketing and inventory reports.

With both browser and mobile app feature available, you can access your data when and where you need it with on-demand, conducting business on the go.

You can forecast your future business performance by combining historical data with recent, seasonal, and expected trends. You will be able to push promotions at the right time, plan employee utilization and make the right order for consumables and products.

With Leenira, all inventories are tracked and recorded, as well as real-time stock updates on the products sold or used by the salon. Leenira can track inventory and order new products automatically when stock levels are low. You will be able to also automate all inventory management tasks to generate accurate reports instantly, providing insight into optimal inventory levels for business, and assisting with inventory auditing when necessary. When certain thresholds are reached, the system automatically triggers the need to order stock to prevent the product from running out.

Clients and employees can now easily sign in by scanning a QR code with the camera on their mobile device, after which they will be prompted to complete the registration on their own device using a browser application. Depending on the needs of the business, a QR code can be generated and printed through the web dashboard to be displayed at the sign-in area. Users and administrators can save and track useful information using an integrated monitoring function, and facial imprints are automatically saved in the system.

A platform that allows users and administrators to download real-time updates of visitor information to keep track of useful data.